It all starts with how you want to portray to your audience and what kind of business you operate. You can have a professional look or a lifestyle one, depending on what industry you are in. We will go over that on the phone. 


1. CHOOSE MOOD & Colors that fit your Brand

Fox example: 

  • Light & Ethereal

If light and ethereal is the style you are going for, wear outfits in a light shade of blush, nude, cream or white.

  • Dark & Moody

If dark and moody is the style you are going for, wear outfits on black, navy or charcoal. 



Fitted clothes that shows your shape works best for photograph. This applies to any body type. Outfits should hug your curves, specially along your top half (loose flowing skirts are fabulous as long as your top is snug). Skip that billowy blouson top. While they may look good in person, they don’t look slimmering in camera.

  • DON’TS

No high contrast patterns, logos, graphics or florals. Those elements are distracting and take attention away from your beautiful face.


Consider the underwear you will need for the outfit you chose. Certain looks call for a different color undies for example.  Black bras look best under dark clothing, and nude bras are always better than white. Shape wear is awesome for concealing any wobbly bits.


A little prep goes a long way. 


The night before your photoshoot wash your hair. Clean hair makes you look wonderful in photos. 


Remove any unwanted hair at least a day or two before the photoshoot.


A french manicure, nude nails or clean nails will be the most timeless option. Please no bright nail polishing (unless you are trying to be bold).





Q: Where does the session take place? 

A: The session can take place in your office, workplace and/or outdoors doing some activities. The aim is to capture you and your business in the most authentic and intimate way, so that the viewer feel connected to your brand. 

Q: What is the best time of the day for a branding session?

A: If indoors, the time can vary. If outdoors, the best time to shoot is around sunrise or sunset. 

Q: How do I prepare for the photoshoot?

A:  I have a questionnaire with very specific questions, so that we can make a masterplan and get exactly what you need.

Q: What happens if the weather is bad?

A: If outdoors, I will make a weather call the day before the session. If it looks like it will be  a dark/rainy/snowy day, we will to reschedule the session. 


Booking Fee: 50% deposit is needed to confirm your booking. The other 50% is paid up to 2 days after the photoshoot.


Portraits (personal Branding)

Stand out with a pack of 20 amazing images that you can use for online marketing and printed materials.  The images are in high resolution and will be delivered via google drive.


Marketing Content Images

This option is perfect for brands for who likes to use quality images for their online marketing all round, including social media, press release and blogs. This package includes  up to 40 images in high resolution delivered in its digital form.


Video Marketing +  40 Photos

Need to tell a engaging story? Short videos are a huge part of  marketing and since Facebook/Instagram changed its algorithms to give videos a higher rank on your newsfeed, your audience is more likely to see your videos than any other content you post. Great to use for an ad. Comes with licensed music.

Included one short video from between 45 seconds -1 minute + 40 photos. 

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