My hubby and I got married 7 years ago on top of a mountain. It was so beautiful and so so special. It was a small wedding with him and I, the celebrant, a bridesmaid, the photographer and his parents.

Initially I wanted a big wedding, but then we decided that the money we had saved was better off going towards our first home instead. Well, we never looked back! It was the best decision we made at the time. There were lots of special people that were not invited to our wedding, but we had beautiful photos to share with them, plus we had a great time up on the mountains, with no stress. 

After this wonderful experience, we are both passionate about small relaxed weddings. I am a photographer and he is a marriage celebrant and we live on one of the most beautiful places on Earth, Fox Glacier.  So if you would like to have a similar experience, HELLO!

Some of our wedding pictures below: 




We will choose a date & time and BOOM you are booked.


We will sort out location, help you with marriage licence, book helicopters flights etc. 


The weather around here is very unpredictable, but the good news is we will always have a plan B and will get some beautiful photos anyway. 


Congratulations! Enjoy your photos and be happy ever after!  




If you would like to get married in Fox Glacier or surroundings and would like to use my services, please fill out the form below and I will be in touch in the next 48 hours and will let you know availability. 


Photography only: from NZD $1200

Photography + Celebrant (my husband) : from NZD $1500

Photography + Celebrant + 20 minutes helicopter flight with snow landing: from NZD $2,500

Photography + Celebrant + 30 minutes helicopter flight with snow landing: from NZD $ 2,900


*Up to 6 people per helicopter ride. If more than 6 pax or more than 480kg, a second helicopter is required. 

* For more info on packages involving a photographer and/or helicopter flight, just send us a message. 

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Who can get married in New Zealand?

Anyone can marry in New Zealand, as long as they’re not:

  • already married or in a civil union (unless you’re changing your relationship with the same person)
  • under 16 (and you need your parents’ consent if you’re 16 or 17)
  • closely related by birth, marriage or adoption.

Both different sex and same sex marriages are legal in New Zealand.

New Zealand legal requirements are fairly simple, the key element being arranging a marriage licence between 3 days and 3 months in advance; and registering the marriage after the ceremony.

How to get married in New Zealand?

There are two ways to get married

1. Get married at a registry office
A registry office wedding:
·takes place in normal office hours
·isn’t open to the public – you’ll need to bring 2 witnesses
·uses standard wedding vows – you can’t write your own.

2. Get married by an approved marriage celebrant
A celebrant can marry you:
·at the time and location of your choice
·using your own vows – although you must say “I [name] take you [name] to be my legal [wife or husband].”

Get a marriage licence if you live in NZ
You can’t get married without a marriage licence

Complete a notice of intended marriage application form

  • One of you needs to take the notice to your local Registrar of Marriages in person so they can witness you signing the declaration
  • If you’ve been married before, bring a copy of your dissolution of marriage order.
  • Find your local Registrar of Marriages by calling 0800 22 52 52 (or +64 4 463 9362 from overseas).

Pay when you hand in your form. It costs:

  • $240 if you’re getting married at a registry office (including the ceremony), or
  • $150 if you’re getting married by a celebrant (the celebrant costs extra – you’ll pay them directly).
  • $33 for an official marriage certificate.

Your licence will take at least 3 working days to be issued.  It’s valid for 3 months.

Getting a marriage licence if you both live outside NZ

If you’re coming to NZ to get married, you need to organise a marriage licence before you get here.

1.    Complete a notice of intended marriage where parties are ordinarily resident outside New Zealand form
2.    Don’t sign the declaration.
3.    Send it, with your payment, to the registry office closest to where you plan to get married. It costs:

  • o    NZ$240 if you’re getting married at a registry office (including the ceremony), or
  • o    NZ$150 if you’re getting married by a celebrant (the celebrant costs extra – you’ll pay them directly).

4.    When you arrive in NZ, visit the office to sign the declaration and pick up your marriage licence.

You can also take your completed form to a commonwealth representative in your country (eg a high commissioner or ambassador) and sign the declaration in front of them before you post it.

New Zealand representatives overseas

Register your marriage

After the ceremony, your celebrant will get you to sign two copies of a form – one for you to keep and one they’ll send to Births, Deaths and Marriages so your marriage can be registered. This is free.

A civil union

The process for getting a civil union is the same as for getting married, but the forms are different. You’ll still need to:

·go to a registry office or find a celebrant

·get a licence

·have your civil union registered by your celebrant.

Civil union forms and information

Change your civil union to a marriage or your marriage to a civil union

If you’re already in a civil union (that’s recognised in New Zealand) and would like to change it to a marriage, or vice versa, you need to follow all the steps above – but you’ll complete a different form when you apply for your licence. You’ll also need to provide evidence of your current relationship. The usual marriage and civil union fees and processes will apply.

·Change a civil union to a marriage form (PDF 266kb) 
·Change a marriage to a civil union form (PDF 228kb) ah