How to have a successful personal branding photoshoot

For most solopreneurs, the idea of having a photoshoot for their personal brand sounds exciting and, at the same time, nerve wrecking.  I get it.  I too, have a personal branding, and I hired another fellow photographer to take photos of me.  I am so used to be behind the camera or take selfies myself, that I had a freak out moment and a million questions popped into my head. So I took note of all the things that could be helpful for another personal brand having a photoshoot. 

So here are a few tips to give you peace of mind:

1. Decide what you need the photos for

Be specific and choose from the options below. 

  • Website About Me Page

  • Blog Posts

  • Banners

  • Articles

  • Website Contact Us Page

  • Products & Services Page

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Google Plus

  • Landing Pages

  • Downloads (Free gifts & opt ins)

  • Emails Campaigns

  • Business Cards

  • Printed brochures

  • Articles in Magazines, Industry Journals and Newspapers

  • Cards,eg. Birthday, Thank You for your business, etc.



2. Decide how many photos you want

After going through the list above, calculate how many photos you are going to need. 

3. What type of feel do you want your photographs to have?

  • Fun

  • Serious

  • Quirky

  • Professional

  • Elegant

  • Glamorous

  • Warm

  • Inviting

  • Creative

  • Artistic

  • Relaxed

  • Casual

4. Choose the color palette that works with your brand

Colors matter. It's easiy to get carried away and want to wear every single color on your wardrobe. Just like everything in life, less is more. Narrow down to the 3 main colors of your brand and stick with it. Not just for the wardrobe, but also for the location you choose for the photoshoot.

5. Be authentic

For a personal brand, this is everything. Don't try be somebody that you are not. Just be yourself and let your photographer capture YOU and your message. 

6. Mega batch your photoshoot 

Save time and money. When you know what you need and how many photos you will need for a  year you can mega batch the photos. 

The key is to get the variety that you need by changing outfits, locations and backdrops, while having all the shots looking cohesive. 


7. Communicate with your photographer

Communication is key. For example, if a client tells me they need a photo to use with txt, I make sure I leave enough negative space for that photo, so that txt can be added without the image looking crowded.



Happy Photos!!

Let me know below which tip was the most helpful or if you have another tip to add to the lot. 

Thanks for reading. 

And here is a little video with the same info: