This kind of session is about your family relationships and the activities you do together. If you are super casual and don't like dressing up, that's fine, you can wear anything you like. But if you would like to make the most of this session and look your best, follow the tips below: 



  • Light & Ethereal

If light and ethereal is the style you are going for, wear outfits in a light shade of blush, nude, cream or white.

  • Dark & Moody

If dark and moody is the style you are going for, wear outfits on black, navy or charcoal. 



Fitted clothes that shows your shape works best for photograph. This applies to any body type. Outfits should hug your curves, specially along your top half (loose flowing skirts are fabulous as long as your top is snug). Skip that billowy blouson top. While they may look good in person, they don’t look simmering in camera.

  • DON’TS

No high contrast patterns, logos, graphics or florals. Those elements are distracting and take attention away from your beautiful family. (This tip is for the everyone in the family).


Consider the underwear you will need for the outfit you chose. Certain looks call for a strapless bra or nude undies for example.  Black bras look best under dark clothing, and nude bras are always better than white. Shape wear is awesome for concealing any wobbly bits.


A little prep goes a long way. 


The night before your photoshoot wash your hair. Clean hair makes you look wonderful in photos, because it frames your face perfectly. 


Remove any unwanted hair at least a day or two before the photoshoot.


A french manicure, nude nails or clean nails will be the most timeless option. 





Q: Where does the session take place? 

A: The session can take place in your home and/or outdoors doing some activities. The aim is to capture your family living your lives in the most unscripted of ways. it's candid, authentic and real. I will be documenting your family as you connect and play with one another. We'll chat and maybe share a cup of coffee and in the midst of the crazy or the calm I'll be quietly clicking away, capturing it all. 

Q: What is the best time of the day for a lifestyle session?

A:  In order to have the most beautiful photos, we need good natural light, which happens to be 1 hour after sunrise and 2 hours before sunset if the session is outdoors. If the session is indoors, then anytime is fine. 

Q: How do I prepare my home for the photoshoot?

A:  Please don't stress about making it perfect clean. Your house is already perfect, because it is home to the most beautiful people in your life. I do however recommend to de clutter a little bit so that the focus of the photographs are your people, not your "things". A little mess is fine, which makes it real.

Q: What happens if my child is sick on the day of the session?

A:  If your child is sick, please let me know and we can reschedule for a later date. Sick children don't like to be photographed and you want memories of them being happy and cheerful. No charges will be applied to reschedule.

Q: I have older children/ teenagers and I don't think an in home session would suit us. Do you have any suggestion?

A: Yes. Older kids like to be outside. We can plan a couple of activities and do it completely outdoors. Ie.: Bike rides, farm work, etc. 

Q: What happens if the weather is bad?

A: I will make a weather call the day before the session. If it looks like it will be  a dark day, we will reschedule the session at no extra cost. 


Session Fee: $100 retainer to secure your booking on our calendar and can be used towards any package.


1 Family Photo 

This option is perfect if you are looking at getting a beautiful photo of your family together.


2 hours- 50+ photos

This option is for you if you would like a collection of photos of you and your loved ones during this time in your life. Be ready for 2 hours of documenting the love your family shares. Hurry before the kids grow too fast. 

or payment plan below:


Photos +  Film

This option is for those who want it all. Expect lots of tears and laughs afterwards when you get  to see how wonderful your life together is through a whole new perspective. The film is about 3-4 minutes long and it comes with licensed music. Also comes with all digitals. Expect 50+ photos delivered in its digital form. The session takes about 2 hours. 

or payment plan below:

Note: If you would like to go ahead with your booking, please email me back with a desired date. 

* Wall art product is available. Please inquire if interested in displaying your family love on the wall.