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Photography has been my craft since 2009. I spent many years learning the technical side of capturing images in different types of light and dedicated the last couple of years to the art of printing.  Offering tangible photographs that lasts generations makes my heart sing.

I love to create authentic, real and honest imagery that tells a story. 

Everyone likes to be photographed in a certain way, so before I photograph my clients, we have a talk about what does and does not suit them. Above all, I am just passionate about creating meaningful photographs for people and businesses. I like to create images that will add value to their lives and empower their future selves.

 My style: I work mainly with natural light and use light and shadow to create depth in the images. Most people describe my images as “full of emotion”, being them raw, happy, nostalgic and dreamy.. I am very relaxed and understand most people feel awkward in front of a camera, which is perfectly normal. I like to capture people's personalities, while still capturing their good side. 


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* I am now based in Fox Glacier, but travel back to Wanaka often for jobs. 





This is my family

We live in a happy chaos. 


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